Sensor Bridge Software

All events and notifications converge in the Sensor Bridge, from where they are then forwarded quickly and reliably to the relevant target system. Information flow is usually from the sensors to the application software in order to e.g. control management processes. Vice versa, it is also possible, however, to transmit configuration information and switching commands from the customer IT to wireless actors in the field.

  • Integration in any shop floor environment
  • Intuitive web-based configuration without any programming necessary
  • Direct connection to existing IT systems
  • Highest security levels through precise controlling of data access
  • Reliable redundancy
  • Update of sensors, actors and Access Points "over the air" (OTA) via the Sensor Bridge


The Sensor Bridge can be integrated in all shop floor environments and be connected to existing IT systems such as MES and ERP. Its flexible interfaces can be adapted to diverse applications, such as eKanban, Andon, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and stack lights.

The standard scope of the Sensor Bridge software includes a REST-API, which can be used both to execute changes in status plus configure countless parameters, and to call up the operational status of all relevant components. In addition, the system can actively transmit notifications for each switching or sensor event, as well as any disturbance, via http(s). A Modbus TCP interface is also integrated for simple connection to SPS.

Using additional modules, the system can be expanded to include interfaces such as OPC UA or a direct link to SAP systems.

Simple management and parameterisation via web interface

The Sensor Bridge offers full control over the complete device infrastructure within the wireless network. Via the web user interface, the wireless sensors and wireless actors, as well as the Access Points can all be managed, parameterised and configured. Additional functions of the web interface are parameterisation of the interfaces and output of log data for system monitoring and analysis. Software updates for the sensors can be uploaded via the web user interface of the Sensor Bridge and are then distributed to all connected devices over the air (OTA).

Encrypted parallel operation of different applications

Multiple clients can be stored and managed in the Sensor Bridge at once. All customer applications share the wireless infrastructure with the corresponding Access Points. The sensors and actors in the field, as well as the interface parameters, are always only assigned to the appropriate client. In this way, a single uniform infrastructure is able to guarantee the conflict-free parallel operation of different applications and competences within a single production area.

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