eKanban software

nexy eKanban digitalizes, integrates and automates your Kanban processes. With the help of various sensors, switches and access points from the complete nexy system, we can eliminate the disadvantages of manual Kanban processes and automate bookings in your ERP system. Our interfaces to your systems facilitate material replenishment requests in real time, eliminating the need for manual entries in your ERP system.

  • Customized integration and system adaptation
  • Existing connection to SAP via IDocs or RFC
  • Control station with graphics and real-time data
  • Automatic notification of bottlenecks
  • Reporting via KPI (evaluations and statistics for optimal assessment of material flow)

This application for the planning and controlling of Kanban loops and manufacturing processes is flexible and adaptable to individual customers. The interface is intuitive and simple to use, which saves money and time spent on tutorials. The closed loops, Kanbans and batch sizes stored in the software are linked to the cable-free sWave.NET® wireless switches and sensors. As soon as a container is removed from a Kanban rack, a sensor is activated. The eKanban system automatically registers the removal and creates an order for the signal source according to its logical programming. The “linerunner” receives the order digitally via the eKanban app and refills the Kanban rack. Refilling of the rack is confirmed by the nexy app or a steute sensor.

All processes and switching events are displayed on a configurable dashboard. The user decides which facilities, closed loops or materials are of interest.

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