Wireless actor RF UBR-NET

In the field of intralogistics, this wireless actor with separate switching outputs facilitates the management and switching of various signalling devices. It can also function as an IIoT-enabled add-on for stack lights, visualising malfunctions or impending material shortages when activated by the central IT system via remote control.

  • Wireless actor can be deployed without additional power supply
  • Location-independent management of stack lights with up to four colours
  • Quick and easy upgrading and retrofitting of existing stack lights

The switching outputs of the wireless actor (RF UBR) are normally open (NO) contacts and are simple to configure via the web interface of the Sensor Bridge.

The wireless actor can be connected to the 85V-230V AC network. It is then able to provide the energy required by a signalling column with up to four colours. Extra costs, for example for an extra power supply, are eliminated. Due to the integrated RF UBR voltage supply, stack lights can be installed anywhere, independently of signalling cables. Pre-existing signalling columns can also be retrofitted quickly and easily with the RF UBR. A variant for connection to machine and plant 24 V-DC power networks is also available.

The wireless actor can also be deployed to manage mobile AGV and traffic light logistics on the shop floor, preventing the collision of vehicles working at the same time.

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