Wireless technology sWave.NET®

With sWave.NET®, steute presents the next logical step for integration of switches and sensors in the industrial data landscape.

This wireless technology, featuring extremely high availability and extremely low power consumption, sets new standards for wireless data transmission, particularly with regard to cost efficiency, range, transmission reliability and battery lifetimes.

Several hundred switches and sensors can be integrated in the sWave.NET® wireless system, all working in a single space and at the same time. All data from the integrated components are safely transferred via Access Points to the relevant IT system. The sWave.NET®  Gateway (with installed Sensor Bridge) is the central communication interface for the whole sensor network. As a media converter, it connects the wireless sensors and switches in the field with the TCP/IP networks. The Sensor Bridge links the various customised applications with the wireless network and the data from the wireless sensors (via standard protocols), and also facilitates the management of the complete wireless sensor network.

  • Several hundred sensors and switches within one wireless network
  • Licence-free wireless technology
  • Reliability in combination with extended range: up to 60 m indoors and 700 m outdoors
  • Simple integration in existing LAN without separate IP address space
  • Low configuration effort thanks to dynamic self-organisation
Wireless encryption

The sWave.NET® wireless system has a secure design, hindering both passive recording of telegrams and active hacking of the overall system.

Telegram counters are used as protection against replay attacks (recording and passing on of radiocommunication) and are dynamically enabled at the beginning of a communication. As protection against sniffing (detection of structures such as addresses and switching information), as well as against active hacking, the wireless telegrams are additionally encrypted using AES-128. This is a block encryption, a minimum telegram length of 128 bits = 16 bytes needed.

Manage your own wireless network

Set up your own campus network and avoid the costs and data privacy problems of networks managed by third-party providers.

Extremely low power consumption

Achieve energy efficiency with the longest rechargeable battery lifetime of any LPWAN solution. The power consumption of sWave.NET® components is up to four times lower than with other LPWAN solutions, for example LoRa®.

Global approvals for sWave.NET®

sWave.NET® uses worldwide licence-free and freely available wireless frequencies in the sub-GHz range. Since each country defines its own RF regulations, country-specific wireless approvals are necessary.

Certified devices give end users the certainty that the devices are reliable and conform to the relevant directives. All certifications can be viewed and downloaded by going to the sub-page „Downloads“.

The following map shows you all global approvals for the sWave.NET® wireless technology.

  • SW868: Europe and China
  • SW915: USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia
  • SW917: Brazil
  • SW922: Japan

Applications: Digital Production Management and Supplies

Typical applications in accordance with Industry 4.0 and IoT can be found in the field of intralogistics - for example in eKanban systems, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and Andon systems.
Uninterrupted information flow and digital production management are the key prerequisites for automated manufacturing of high-quality products in small quantities.

sWave.NET® networks are used, for example, in automotive, aircraft and electronics production. With stock level notifications in real time and immediate communication with the warehouse and shop floor, you ensure that your supplies are replenished efficiently and reliably. In addition, the wireless sensor network can be managed by the operators or system integrators themselves.


In addition to electromechanical wireless switches (position switches, foot switches, pull wire switches…), it is also possible to integrate wireless sensors (e.g. magnetic sensors) and wireless command devices in sWave.NET® networks.

The »backbone« of the network: Access Points

Access Points are installed throughout the transmission zone and communicate with the wireless switches and sensors. When a switch or sensor sends a signal, the Access Points are addressed in a predefined order. Should transmission fail at the first Access Point, the second one is addressed, and so on. This guarantees extremely high transmission reliability.

Sensor Bridge

The Sensor Bridge bundles the signals received by the Access Points and passes the information on via multiple standard protocols. It has a graphic user interface for easy configuring and monitoring of the entire sWave.NET® infrastructure.

Connectivity via multiple APIs

Via an XML or JSON Sensor Bridge interface, steute relays all switching and sensor data in real time. Here the customer takes the raw data and works via an API to apply its own business logic. Switching and sensor data are reliably provided by the steute Sensor Bridge.

Connection to customer infrastructure

The next level is integration of the switching and sensor data via a nexy ERP connector to the customer ERP, PPS or WMS, synchronously or asynchronously and in real time. We support not only SAP, but also other systems and can additionally connect to those of suppliers.

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