Sensor Bridge Software

All operational events converge in the Sensor Bridge software and are then forwarded to the relevant superordinate system quickly and reliably. The information flow can be in either direction: from the sensors to the relevant application software or vice versa from the IT to the wireless actors in the field.

Thanks to the modular structure of our digital shop floor solution, additional software is simple to add on, while customer-specific IT systems or applications can easily be integrated. At the same time, our software is continually being further developed on the basis of customer feedback and also expanded to provide additional functions and applications. Through regular updates the system is always current, even during ongoing operations.

The Sensor Bridge is the service manager of the overall system. The software is the interface to the IT infrastructure of the user. It links the customer-specific applications with the wireless network and the wireless sensor and actor data, and also facilitates administration of the complete wireless sensor network. Interference-free parallel operation of different applications via a joint wireless infrastructure can also be realised by assigning individual IIoT events to their relevant target systems.

  • Integration in any shop floor environment
  • Intuitive web-based configuration without any programming necessary
  • Direct connection to existing IT systems
  • Highest security levels through precise controlling of data access
  • Reliable redundancy
  • Update of sensors, actors and Access Points "over the air" (OTA) mvia the Sensor Bridge

The Sensor Bridge offers complete control over the entire device infrastructure within the wireless network. The wireless sensors and actors, as well as the Access Points, can be managed, parameterised and configured via the web user interface.

Multiple clients can be created on the Sensor Bridge. All customer applications share the wireless infrastructure with the corresponding Access Points. Only the own user can be accessed, meaning that sensor and actor groups, as well as notifications for other users, remain hidden.

The Sensor Bridge can optionally be deployed in a redundant operating mode, consisting of three gateways. Each of the modules has an own fault diagnosis at its disposal and is connected to the two other components. Mutual monitoring is thus guaranteed at all times.

The Sensor Bridge can be integrated in any shop floor environment, as well as in existing IT systems such as MES or ERP. Via flexible interfaces it can be adapted to diverse applications such as eKanban, Andon, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and stack lights. For the connection of all kinds of systems, the Sensor Bridge has a wide range of communication interfaces, such as REST-API, JSON push notifications or communication via OPC-UA interface or Modbus TCP, but also an SAP connection via RFC or IDoc. The sending of emails is also possible, enabling responsible persons to be notified and warned in case of a breakdown.

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