Wireless pull-wire switch with nexy connection

Semi-automated production and assembly lines work to an established principle: if a worker somewhere along the line wants or needs to stop the conveyor belt, he actuates a pull-wire switch in order to bring the line to a safe halt. Such switches are also used to acknowledge or authorise assembly steps. In the latter case, the switching devices usually just have a pull wire and no emergency stop function.

The steute Wireless RF 96 WH/90° series of pull-wire switches, which transmit their signals remotely to a superordinate receiver unit, have become well established for such applications – particularly in the automotive industry. The elimination of wires permits simple and flexible installation of the pull-wire switches without any cables having to be laid.

The signals can now also be transmitted within a wireless network. The steute range of wireless switches has a new addition: a pull-wire switch variant using sWave.NET® wireless technology. sWave.NET® facilitates the integration of signals from switches and sensors (even devices not from the steute range) within a nexy wireless network comprising Access Points, a Gateway and a Sensor Bridge as an interface to the user's superordinate IT system(s).

Several hundred wireless switches and sensors can be installed within a single network and thus integrated in e.g. production planning or other systems (PPS, ERP, MES, WMS…). Every single wireless switching device can be configured separately and easily using the wireless interface.

As an alternative to the RF 96 WH/90° sWave.NET®, steute also offers a network-compatible Andon terminal with three buttons and a two-line display. All sWave.NET®-compatible wireless switches, sensors and command devices can of course be freely combined.


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