Wireless laser sensor RF 96 SDS-NET

Wireless laser sensors for short distances facilitate non-contact monitoring of all movements. This makes sense, for example, with large load carriers (LLC) which are so heavy that they would subject other sensors to an unacceptable level of wear and tear. Or for small load carriers (SLC) which are so light that they cannot be detected by mechanical sensors.

  • No wear and tear thanks to non-contact optical sensor technology
  • Simple mounting in conventional racks
  • Reliable even with low-contrast features and reflecting surfaces
  • Impervious to optical interference from industrial surroundings

Using non-contact monitoring, the wireless laser sensor automatically detects the occupancy of slots for containers or other load carriers. This information is passed on to the control system. Permanent monitoring means that a material requirement request is immediately triggered when the minimum stock level is reached.

Distance is measured by logging the transit time of a light impulse ("optical time of flight"). This measuring principle has the huge advantage that the switching point of the sensor is only minimally dependent on the object material and colour. Even adverse ambient conditions like dust or dirt have hardly any impact on the resulting measurement. The detection range can be configured for a distance of 50 mm up to 500 mm.

A long-life battery guarantees maintenance-free operation and long run times. In an eKanban application, the battery lasts for several years.

Technical data
integrated antenna
Wireless range
max. 450 m
logging with IR Laser
Switching distances
50 mm to 500 mm
Switching frequency
< 1 Hz
Voltage supply
lithium battery (replaceable)
glass-fibre reinforced, shock-proof thermoplastic
screws M4
Degree of protection
IP 54
Ambient temperature
0 °C … +65 °C

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