Wireless pull-wire switch RF 96 WH/90°-NET

Wireless pull-wire switches are control devices used to communicate events occurring in machines, plants and production systems. Such events could be a malfunction, a lack of materials or a machine standstill, but also the completion of a particular process step. Staff working at a machine or work station fitted with a wireless pull-wire switch can react immediately to such events without having to leave their location.

  • Flexible assembly without complicated cabling
  • Configurable online via wireless interface
  • Simple integration in existing IT systems via Sensor Bridge
  • Battery life approx. 10 years

For maximum safety in company production areas – whether at a conveyor belt or a machine – wireless pull-wire switches are a reliable, tried-and-tested solution. They are actuated by pulling manually on the in-built wire, causing a signal to be sent remotely via the wireless system. Alternatively, hanging wires can be installed along production lines at a height which is easily accessible for workers. Any problems or changes in operational status can be communicated immediately by pulling on the wire.

The following applications are especially well suited to solutions with wireless pull-wire switches:

  • Requesting material replenishments for large load carriers (LLC) or other oversized and bulky parts
  • Communicating the current operational status of a machine or product line
  • Communicating an abnormal event in order to trigger a pre-defined escalation process
  • Initiating an immediate halt to production or conveyor belts to prevent inferior products from moving on to the next processing step
Technical data
integrated antenna
Wireless range
max. 450 m
Voltage supply
lithium battery (replaceable)
Battery life
approx. 10 years (depending on actuation frequency)
Mechanical life
> 1 million operations
glass-fibre reinforced, shock-proof thermoplastic
screws M4
Degree of protection
IP 67
Ambient temperature
-20 °C … +65 °C

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