Wireless technology sWave.NET®

Wireless position switches are used wherever moving machinery or plant parts must be positioned, monitored or switched off. The many different application fields range from monitoring of small load carrier movements in intralogistics to security tasks in various areas of industrial building automation, drinking water storage and regenerative energy supply.


  • Affordable and flexible thanks to elimination of wiring and cabling
  • High scalability – up to several hundred sensors in one application
  • Mounting dimensions to EN 50047
  • Configurable online via wireless interface
  • Simple operation and integration in existing ERP systems via Sensor Bridge
  • Battery life approx. 10 years

Weltweite Zulassungen für sWave.NET

  • SW868: Europa (EU+Schweiz), China und Neuseeland
  • SW915: USA, Kanada, Mexico und Australien
  • SW922: Japan
  • SW917: Brasilien
  • RUS868: Russland

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