Wireless tilting sensor RF RW-NET

For the monitoring of small load carriers (SLC) in FILO or FIFO racks, steute has developed a wireless tilting sensor. Thanks to a universal bracket to suit roller conveyors from different leading manufacturers, the sensor can be mounted quickly and easily, as well as integrated in existing rack systems.

  • Intelligent sensor for the monitoring of SLC on roller conveyors
  • Maximum flexibility due to simple mounting and removal without need for tools
  • Universal bracket for roller conveyors from different manufacturers
  • Configurable transmission intervals
  • Automatic position detection at installation point

The sensor can be mounted and fixed without the need for tools on roller conveyors or racks from different leading manufacturers (Bito, Item, SSI Schäfer, Trilogiq, …) using a bracket system developed especially for this purpose. Inside its bracket, the wireless tilting sensor can be turned by 90° and moved around, facilitating positioning in precisely the right direction. The sensors are self-monitoring in order to guarantee maximum process safety.

Inside the device itself, the position of the rocker is monitored by an integrated sensor. There is thus no electromechanical actuator which interacts with a switching insert like in a traditional limit switch. This has the advantage of facilitating not only non-contact detection, making the device free of wear and tear, but also online configuration and parametrisation. In this way the sensor can be adapted to changing conditions without any mechanical intervention.

The high scalability of the wireless system means that the occupancy status of hundreds of roller conveyor slots can be recorded in real time.

Technical data
integrated antenna
Wireless range
max. 450 m
Voltage supply
integrated alkaline battery
ESD protection
Battery life
approx. 10 years (depending on actuation frequency)
Mechanical life
> 1 million operations
assembling kit for roller conveyor shelves
Degree of protection
IP 54
Ambient temperature
-10 °C … +50 °C

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