Wireless universal transmitter RF I/O-NET

Universal transmitters facilitate the wireless transmission of signals from cabled switches and sensors. For example, they can be used to retrofit plants which due to the cables have previously been stationary, but which now should become flexible and location-independent. Universal transmitters are particularly useful for new plants with switches and sensors which do not feature wireless transmission as a default. In contrast to the wireless universal transmitter RF 96 ST-NET, the RF I/O-NET permits the connection of up to four switches and/or sensors.

  • Online configurability via the wireless interface
  • Simple operation and integration in existing ERP systems and PLC programmes via the Sensor Bridge
  • High scalability – up to several hundred sensors in a single application
  • Up to four connectable devices via M12 plug-in connector
  • Optionally available with external power supply for operation with 12-24 V DC sensors

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