eKanban Automating your material supplies

Do you sometimes lose Kanban cards or have to search for empty containers?

The potential points of failure in manual Kanban systems are manifold: cards can become lost, or illegible, or inadvertently mixed up. Requisition requests can be recorded late, or booked incorrectly, or delivered to the wrong location. The consequences of these simple errors are interruptions to the production process. The problems can often be quickly solved by manual intervention, but sometimes they can lead to a temporary standstill in production – and all because the necessary materials were not where they were supposed to be. Nearly all of these errors can easily be avoided if you automate your Kanban processes!

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Our nexy eKanban system would then be the answer:

  • Real-time requisition monitoring
  • Automated replenishment of supplies
  • Overview of complete internal material flow
  • Shortening of supply times and elimination of excess capacity
  • Prevention of over- or understocking
  • Considerably less room for “human” error

Control your material flow with our eKanban system

Application of our solution to the planning and management of various Kanban loops and production processes is flexible and individually adaptable. The control loops, Kanbans and lot sizes stored in the software are all linked to wireless sWave.NET® sensors. As soon as a container is removed from a Kanban rack, a sensor such as a wireless light sensor is actuated and a signal is sent via the wireless network to the material flow control system. The eKanban system thus automatically registers removal of the container and informs the management system using its integrated logic.

The management system then reacts to the requisition request by ordering replenishment materials, for example by sending an automatic “line runner” to deliver to the rack in question. Continual monitoring of every shelf within every rack means that the appropriate sensor will also register and communicate the arrival of new containers. All processes and switching events are thus recorded in real time, and are also visualised on a configurable dashboard. Users can decide for themselves which production halls, control loops and materials should be managed. Leaving things to chance is no longer an option!


Automatic material supplies

Make printed Kanban cards for manual control of production processes and material flow a thing of the past. Install intelligent nexy sensors on your roller conveyors inside eKanban racks for completely automatic material supplies to assembly points and work stations.

Cost reduction

Digitalisation and automation of material supply processes mean shorter delivery times for replenishments. This enables you to prevent excess capacities and unwanted interruptions, thus considerably reducing your intralogistics costs.

Seamless integration and individual configuration

Integrate your field level seamlessly in existing IT systems and adapt the visualisation of all processes intuitively to your own needs. Wireless systems from steute can be operated alongside other wireless networks with no interference and are universally suited to later upgrading, as well as flexible expansion.

Uninterrupted data flow and process transparency in real time

Full digital visualisation of your eKanban system in real time means that you always have a complete overview, enabling you to plan and control your processes perfectly. Individualised analyses and statistics based on the key performance indicators (KPI) relevant to you will further help you to evaluate your material flow.

Customised nexy eKanban solutions

Each company has its own individual production processes, making the choice of eKanban system very different. We develop solutions according to the individual process requirements of the customer, taking into account the desired degree of integration and automation, as well as the realities of the factory site.

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