Automated guided vehicle (AGV) applications

Automated guided vehicles (AGV) require a considerable amount of data if they are to convey materials or goods reliably. Especially during an automated transfer between two vehicles, it must be guaranteed that both the exact positions and the directions of these vehicles are monitored precisely. The integration of IoT-compatible signalling units is a key prerequisite here. With the help of our intelligent nexy wireless sensors, AGV can be requested automatically, the transfers monitored precisely, and the vehicle fleet utilised to full efficiency.

  • Increased availability and effective use times of individual vehicles
  • Fully efficient utilisation of vehicle fleets
  • Highest flexibility in conjunction with changing production processes
  • Minimisation of waits for in-house goods transportation


We can no longer imagine state-of-the-art factories without automated transport systems. For many AGV applications, nexy therefore offers a wide variety of solutions. Using highly efficient wireless sensors, the AGV power requirement can be minimised in a deep-sleep mode, for example. Precise monitoring and digital visualisation of transfer processes and material movements are facilitated by intelligent sensors.

Optimal energy efficiency through intelligent wireless sensors

In production and manufacturing halls, even stationary transport vehicles have to remain permanently "contactable" in case the fleet manager sends a new order or a notification to start driving again. Conventional wireless systems are continually powered during these downtimes in order to maintain their wireless connection. Through the use of highly efficient nexy wireless sensors it is possible, however, to put AGV into a "deep-sleep" mode which still maintains the connection, but using the bare minimum of power.

This reduced power consumption during downtimes leads to increased availability and longer effective use times of the individual vehicles, thus also optimising the overall utilisation of the vehicle fleet.

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