In order to exploit the optimisation potential of your shop floor to the full, a precisely functioning, holistic digitalisation solution is required. Elements appropriate to an industrial setting need to be skilfully combined in the overall system to make it as versatile and functional as possible.

This is why we set great store by standardised technologies which are suited to a variety of applications in production halls and which have already proved themselves reliable in practice. At the same time, we have a comprehensive range of top-quality wireless sensors and actors at our disposal – all certified to international standards. Preconfigured software modules facilitate the seamless integration of sensor data in existing IT systems.

It is our aspiration to offer customers a solution which is efficient and reliable during every phase of the implementation process, as well as active operations. We therefore put our entire expertise at your disposal and support you with a multitude of optional services. 

  • Easy addition of further software modules possible
  • Customised applications simple to integrate
  • Universal use thanks to coexistence and integration
  • Overall system suitable for international use
  • Certified to current industrial standards

The Sensor Bridge software is the central communication interface for the entire sensor network. It connects the various customised applications with the wireless network, including the wireless sensor data, and also manages the overall wireless network. The modular structure of the software makes it easy to add extra functions.

Sensor Bridge Software

We parameterise the Revolution Pi (RevPi) industrial PC to suit the requirements of the system perfectly, making it the ideal hardware for the Sensor Bridge software. Housed in a narrow and robust top hat rail enclosure, the RevPi complies with industrial standards and is usually mounted in a control cabinet. Depending on the chosen mode of operation, the industrial PC can also be used redundantly. The RevPi is hardware recommended by steute, but other industrial PCs can be substituted for it.

A prerequisite for high performance of the integrated systems is optimal planning and implementation of the wireless infrastructure. Underlying our digital solution, the wireless infrastructure links the field level to the Sensor Bridge. High-quality information flow is realised using ideally positioned Access Points.

Wireless infrastructure

From holistic solutions to robust switches and sensors: the steute product range is extremely varied. In addition to long-lasting standard product series and tried-and-tested electromechanical technology, our digital shop floor network solution can also include customised developments.

Sensors and actors

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