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Sensors and antennas are best when integrated

In a project by the cluster of excellence it´s OWL, steute is currently testing the integration of sensors and antennas in the enclosures of control systems and user interfaces for industrial, as well as medical applications. A combination of laser-direct structuring and additive manufacturing is being used. The results are extremely promising.

Source: etz (11/2022)

Stock monitoring: remote materials requisition for efficient intralogistics

Uninterrupted monitoring of stock within the in-house material flow is a prerequisite if replenishments are to be needs-based. The usual enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have some gaps which can be closed by opting for a remote automated materials requisition system.


Remotely controlled transparency - Towards the digital shop floor

When optimising in-house processes, a remotely controlled shop floor information system can be the solution to improving inventory management, e.g. of assembly components. It enables the complete inventory within eKanban systems and the "supermarkets" supplying the factory to be digitally visualised. The system is very versatile, not least due to its wide variety of available wireless sensors.

Source: MY FACTORY (09/2022)

Integration in information flow - Material supply: transparency from start to finish

Sensors have an important role to play in material requirements planning (MRP) for e.g. assembly lines. They detect the current stock status at the various assembly points and can then send a signal triggering needs-based material flow management. This works particularly well when the sensors transmit their signals within a wireless system developed especially for this purpose.

Source: Technische Logistik (05/2022)

Wireless-based eKanban for the shop floor and logistics

The basis for uninterrupted integration of physical objects in state-of-the-art factories is a system which is perfectly adapted to the application in question. Facilitated by a wireless network, such systems enable data and information to be captured and made available to downstream intelligence. As real-life examples have already shown: investing in a wireless automated materials requisition system can prove cost-effective within just a few months.

Source: digital-factory-journal (2/2022)

Remote material requirements planning using the pull principle

The replenishment of assembly components not in the managed inventory is a good place to start when digitalising and optimising the shop floor. For this task, a wireless-based automated materials requisition system is available to users. The cost and effort of installation and initial operation are manageable, the tools exists, and the benefits are considerable.

Source: dhf (01/2022)

Sistemi eKanban: rifornimento remoto

La produzione flessibile e l'intralogistica richiedono un flusso di informazioni che sia anche adattabile. La comunicazione cablata raggiunge i suoi limiti molto rapidamente; per questo, le reti wireless sono la soluzione ideale, ad esempio con sistemi eKanban come quelli offerti da aziende come steute.

Pubblicato su: etz (06/2021)

Più libertà attraverso i telecomandi - Interruttori e sensori wireless per applicazioni industriali

L'eliminazione dei cavi può essere vantaggiosa per molte diverse applicazioni di quadri elettrici, con alcuni campi che richiedono addirittura che interruttori e sensori elettromeccanici siano privi di cavi. A seconda delle esigenze, la soluzione può anche essere una rete wireless.

Pubblicato su: messtec drives Automation (05/2021)

Più flessibilità con la comunicazione wireless - Aumentare la mobilità per l'intralogistica

Quando le attività all'interno del flusso di materiale vengono svolte da sistemi di veicoli a guida automatica e scaffalature eKanban mobili, la comunicazione deve essere necessariamente wireless ed è fondamentale che l'integrazione dei segnali wireless nell'infrastruttura IT dell'utente sia perfetta.

Pubblicato su: Beschaffung aktuell (04/2021)

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