User-friendly shop floor device management with the nexy app

Would you like to manage, teach in and parameterise your shop floor processes and all field devices with just a few clicks on a mobile terminal? The intuitive management app from nexy can help you to do just that. Raise your shop floor management to the next level with the nexy app.

  • Simple device management
  • User-friendly and intuitive handling
  • Location-independent parameterisation and management of field devices
  • Simple integration of new sensors and actors via ident code scan
  • Real-time communication and data transfer

Features overview

The nexy app facilitates e.g. the teaching in and management of all components in the field directly in situ. Especially for larger nexy installations with several hundred field devices, the management app makes the set-up and initial operation much simpler. Users only have to scan in the ident codes of the sensors and actors and then they can parameterise them in the Sensor Bridge from wherever they are. And when maintaining or reconfiguring the system, users also profit from having all the necessary information at their fingertips.

Robust terminals for industry

As an optional extra, we can provide the nexy app with a mobile data acquisition device for industry. This full-touch handheld with a professional scanner is designed especially for industrial applications. The handheld offers the performance and comfort which operators are used to from their private smartphones, as well as a battery life of up to 14 hours.

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