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At the LogiMAT 2020, the steute Technologies business unit "Wireless" will be presenting the latest version of its wireless network solution "nexy", specifically developed for intralogistics applications.
Sensors, switches and command systems can all be integrated in this cable-free network solution, transmitting and receiving data via the wireless standard sWave.NET®. These data are collected by Access Points and transmitted to a Sensor Bridge which transfers all data to the superordinate IT system of the user. The result is uninterrupted communication from the shop floor to the management levels of the company IT system or the Internet of Things (IoT).

The wireless experts at steute are currently realising numerous nexy applications, for example eKanban systems and AGV fleets for several automotive manufacturers and first-tier suppliers. New applications can throw up additional wishes for the nexy platform, which are then integrated over the course of the project.
One example is an interface to OPC UA for cross-platform data exchange. Also new is the possibility to operate the Sensor Bridge on an industrial PC and thus increase the reaction and processing speeds of data from the field.

The latest software version enables the Sensor Bridge to communicate with the SAP system of the user, while connected nexy field devices obtain their new firmware updates "on air", i.e. by remote control. These updates are made available to the Sensor Bridge and distributed from there throughout the local network. Thus all terminal devices always have the latest software versions with a minimum of effort. This is also true for sensors from other manufacturers, which can be equipped with an sWave.NET® module and integrated in a nexy wireless network.

These nexy functions enable users or their IT systems to maintain an overview over the complete flow of materials within the factory. This applies to current stock levels, including all interim and buffer stocks, as well as the current locations and capacity status of transport vehicles. When this information is available automatically and more or less in real time, the production control system is able to plan the materials requirements of the various machines and assembly points in advance, using order data from the ERP system. This increases the productivity and the efficiency of the company.

The advantages of the steute sWave.NET® wireless technology include an extremely low power consumption and short reaction times. In addition, several applications – e.g. AGV and eKanban systems – can be operated via the same wireless network. For central use, application-specific software is available enabling the various functions to be configured quickly and simply. All of this makes nexy especially well suited to the automatic recording of status changes in materials and parts flow across all warehouse and processing points.

At the LogiMAT 2020, steute Technologies will be showing a nexy application for replenishing materials within a mobile eKanban system. Such solutions are e.g. used at assembly workstations in the automotive industry. For this application steute has developed not only a corresponding nexy application software, but also a wireless tilting sensor to monitor the occupancy of the Kanban racks.

LogiMAT 2020, Hall 5, Booth D45


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