Wireless laser sensors for monitoring stock levels

The steute business unit "Wireless" is further expanding its range of wireless network components. One key application area is intralogistics, and in particular in-house mobile replenishment of materials. An important role in this context is played by the automatic detection and monitoring of load carriers.

The new RF 96 SDS-NET wireless laser sensor marks a new milestone in industrial laser distance measurement. The sensor has an extremely compact design and an integrated sWave.NET radio module, facilitating quick and easy installation and integration in the sWave.NET wireless system. These laser sensors can even be installed in very tight spaces.

The sensor is suited to many different fields and multiple applications, e.g. the monitoring of large load carriers (LLC) and small load carriers (SLC), as well as the detection of boxes in eKanban racks. It can also be used to monitor dollies in monorail systems. In each of these cases, the laser sensor automatically detects the stock level and passes this information on via the nexy wireless network, triggering a corresponding replenishment of materials. The distance is measured by logging the transit time of a light impulse ("time of flight"). This measuring principle has the advantage that the switching point of the sensor is only minimally dependent on the object material and colour. The distance to the object to be detected can be up to 50 cm.

With the help of these sensors, users can monitor all their materials in the factory, during assembly and/or in the warehouse – including their mobile eKanban racks, AGV fleets, material replenishment "supermarkets", as well as dollies and tugger trains.


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